Champions League final 16 last week. Serie A, French, Portugal have two super-seats, eight teams to get the first team (seed team) is Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Rice Juventus maglia Juventus 2017, Naples, Dortmund, Monaco. 8 teams second Real Madrid, Sevilla, Manchester City, Bayern, Leverkusen, Paris, Porto, Benfica. Defending champion Real Madrid, Bayern, Manchester City  maglie calcio 2017, Paris and other teams fell into the second gear, their fate is of particular concern.


UEFA competition director Marchetti presided over the draw. Gullit served as guest, draw the principle is the group first against other groups second, but the same football team must avoid. Group stage of the second team to play first home.



1/8 finals first leg next year February 14/15 and 21/22, the second leg next March 7/8 and 14/15 held. 1/4 final draw on March 17 next year. The final will be held on June 3 next year at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.